Yoga for Athletes - RUNNERS (P)REHAB

Whether you are a recreational athlete, training for a race, or looking for a different approach to improve your overall fitness, you won't want to miss this!  Classes run 75 minutes and have a slightly earlier start time so you can get home to rest and refuel.  There are just three 75-minute classes in this summer session--to work around your deserved vacation splendor--and they start at 6pm.

What makes this any different to other yoga programs?  For starters, I'm a marathoner and a cyclist.  I understand the rigors of training.  And I don't have a cookie cutter or canned approach to teaching.  Every class is designed with the participants in mind based on their needs with functional mobility and safety at the forefront.  Unlike some other yoga programs, each Yoga for Athletes class is carefully sequenced to maximize the participant's abilities on and off the mat.  

We don't just stretch.  We strengthen, stabilize, and bring fluidity to range-of-motion. All this translates to better turn over, faster recovery, less occurrence of injury, and restored balance in the body.

The best way to understand it is to check it out.  Join me!




Thursdays, 6pm - 715pm


DROP-IN for $20 - pay in person

Classes will take place every Thursday at Sacred Spiral Studio in beautiful downtown Exeter!

Sacred Spiral Studio is located at 163 Water Street, 2nd Floor.  You’ll see big, wooden doors between Billingsgate and the Bead Shop - enter here and take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor.  Studio is around the corner from elevator.

  1. *Minimum of 6 participants with an up-front commitment (ie: paid registration) for the series is required.  If minimum is not met, those who paid will be offered a refund or credit toward the next session.

**  Please note:  Once the session begins, should you miss a class for whatever reason, I'm unable to offer credits, make-ups, or refunds.

Current Session:

January 15 & 25

February 8 & 22

March 8 & 22